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Wicklow Sandstone Building and Walling Stone Cornerstones

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max 225mm x twice the height in length
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The Wicklow Sandstone Building & Walling Stone available from www.wesellstone.com is a beautiful dark or chocolate brown sandstone found mainly in the areas of as the name suggests Wicklow & Wexford.

The stone is of a high quality and blends very well with Tipperary or Roscrea Sandstone Building & Walling Stone. We recommend that you use a combination of sizes such as:

Corner Stones or sometimes they are called Quoin Stone for use in entrance piers or at the end of buildings.
Quality Wicklow Random Rubble Building & Walling Stone in the area between the corner stones ( the cornerstones tend to be of a larger size and more precise chiseled cut ).
The Expert recommends that you use at least a 5% to 10% mix of levellers or shims, these are flat , thin pieces of stone approximately one to two inches thick.