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Wexford Sea Driveway Pebble

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The Wexford Sea Pebble (14mm) is one of the most beautiful natural stones suitable for Driveways etc.

It is a pebble, which are naturally formed and rounded by mother nature! Chippings on the other hand are very nice, however they are crushed by heavy machinery and graded into 14mm etc. Once upon a time, pebbles were a nuisance on driveways as they would not stop moving!

However nowadays you just apply the Wexford Sea Pebble Driveway holding dust underneath the application of pebble and it settles into the dust allowing for the easy movement of kids bicycles, gokarts, wheelchairs etc.

Pebbles are fablous once settled into the dust and our favourite example is the Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain, where the Moors originally used this system for pathways, roads etc. Even though this job was carried out before the arrival of the "Christian Kings" it still is incredible. They also formed the different colour pebble into mosaics, something we would recommend if you have some spare time!