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White Limestone Building Stone Randon Rubble

Code: WLB002

max 225mm x twice the height in length
Bulk Bag
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€156.99 + VAT Each

The White limestone building stone in random rubble is a charming building stone available from www.wesellstone.com in Roscrea, County Tipperary , Ireland.
Many customers would face their new home, entrance, stables or boundary walls with a 50/50 mix of White Limestone Building Stone In Random Rubble and White Limestone Building Stone in Cornerstones or in plain English , one bag of cornerstones for every bag of random rubble.

It gives an " old money " or more sophistaced look to your project. The complete opposite to
the brash " new money " Celtic Tiger Bling Homes " dotted all over Ireland from the last decade. Lets be honest, in Ireland we have some of the best writers, singers and musicians in the world, however from a visual perspective we don't have the refined taste in villages, towns or cities that our counterparts in France, Italy or England have. If we could have more villages like Inistoige in Kilkenny, Adare in Limerick, Kenmare in Kerry then we would have something to shout about! Enough rambling! That's why you need to look at the following
1. Colour of stone : Does it compliment the immediate and surrounding countryside?
2. Texture of stone : Has it a smooth or a rough surface?
3. Shape : A natural or haphazard shape may suit an area where there are a lot of existing homes in a mature area ie Dalkey in South Dublin, the random rubble is the stone of choice here.
4. Size : Basically a large building such as a church, stable or large home will need larger quoin stones etc , however a cottage or a fireplace , low Garden wall would require a smaller stone, so its all about getting your proportions right!
5. Depth or Thickness of stone : In www.wesellstone.com we try and keep the depth of the stone around 125mm or 5 inches deep, ten years ago this would have been 200mm to 250mm or 8 inches to 10 inches deep. The main reason we reduced it was to let more light into homes, in Ireland , particularly in winter we get very little light and we don't to block out any of it due to deep stone!

A good example of a nice building using White Limestone Building Stone in Random Rubble is " The Village At Lyons " in Newcastle , Co, Dublin.
If you need an expert to advise you on how to use this product , contact us in www.wesellstone.com or visit our showroom in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary ( open 7 days per week ). Alternatively, hire a good architect & landscape architect like " Angela Jupe ", Belfield House, Shinrone, County Offaly to help you on your way.