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Tipperary Sandstone Paving Stone (Pack A )

Code: TP001

Patio Pack A : ( smaller pack : 3 sizes / 10 m2 ). This crate contains 16 no 600mmx600mm, 16 no 600mm x 290mm, 16 no 300mm x 290mm. There is approx. 10 m2 of paving stone in Patio Pack A ( approx. 12 y2 ).
Approximate Cover:

€330.00 + VAT Each

The Tipperary Sandstone Paving Stone ( mint ) is Ireland's biggest selling natural paving stone.

The Tipperary Sandstone paving stone has a warm biscuit to golden colour that often compares it to Yorkstone , except it is a third of the price!

It is ideal for patio areas, courtyards, footpaths and also used in stepping stones. We have been selling it in Ireland for the last 15 years. Customers include Michael Flatley, The OPW, the late Tony Ryan and many more. The Tipperary Sandstone Paving Stone ( mint ) is approx. 25mm to 35mm thick and easy to lay due to consistent thickness. This consistent thickness and quality allows for easier laying , hence more competitive labour quotes!

It is available from www.wesellstone.com in four sizes.600mm x 900mm, 600mm x 600mm, 600mm x 290mm and 300mm x 290mm.

The bright warm colour is perfect for the Irish climate as it cheers us up!

The Tipperary Sandstone Paving Stone is available in four individual sizes or more commonly in Patio Packs.
What is a patio pack?
A patio pack is a perfect mix of four sizes in proportion of Tipperary Sandstone Paving Stone.
There are two different size patio packs available from www.wesellstone.com.