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Tipperary Driveway Gravel

Code: TG002

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€124.99 + VAT Each

This beautiful Tipperary Gravel is especially prepared for the customer
that wants the convenience of a tar or bitumen driveway and the elegance of a gravel driveway.
Now you can have the best of both worlds!

The Facts
1. We prepare the gravel into a smaller size in order for it to stick to the fresh tar or bitumen.

2. We wash the golden gravel four or five times to make sure there is no dust on the chipping , which again helps the chipping to bond with the tar or bitumen.

3. Once the size & cleanliness are sorted the gravel will be bagged to make sure that the next time it is tipped on your tar or bitumen. The gravel should not be tipped on a soiled surface as this prevents successful bonding with the tar.

4. 1 ton of Tipperary Gravel should cover c. 40 m2 of driveway or courtyard. This depends on the applicator! A cowboy tradesman sparing the bitumen or tar will end up needing twice this amount ( due to using a "watered down bitumen or tar!) only use reputable trades people for this job!

5. Enjoy your new golden driveway and we hope your kids and friends have great fun riding their bicycles and go karts on this fantastic surface and remember every We Sell
Stone. Com , Tipperary Gravel Driveway has a golden lining!