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Tipperary Driveway Gravel Deal

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50% of load @ 6mm or less and 50% of load @ 10mm
30 Bulk Bags
Approximate Cover:
300m2 or approximately 3,000 square feet

€1999.00 + VAT Each

The Tipperary Golden Driveway Deal from www.wesellstone.com for 2019 is an amazing offer!

We will deliver anywhere in Ireland ( North and South ) a full Artic Lorry Load of Tipperary Golden Driveway Gravel consisting of 15 bulk bags of Tipperary Golden Driveway Holding Dust -6mm or enough to cover approximately 300m2 or 3000 square feet at 25mm depth or 1 inch and 15 bulk bags of of Tipperary Golden Driveway Gravel 10mm again enough to cover approximately 300m2 or 3000 square feet @ 25mm or 1 inch depth. The total delivery is 30 bulk bags delivered nationwide in Ireland only for €1999.99 ex vat @ 23%.

How to get the best results!

1. The Tipperary Golden Driveway Holding Dust 6mm is spread 25mm or 1 inch depth over the existing driveway.
Why ?
To stop the gravel moving under your feet and allows for cars, bicycle’s and people to use it without sinking into the gravel.

2. The Tipperary Golden Driveway Gravel 10mm is spread on top of the Tipperary Golden Driveway Holding Dust again at approximately 25mm or 1 inch deep.

3. Compact the area now with 50mm or 2 inches depth of combined holding dust and gravel with a vibrating roller from your local hire depot.

4. Compact the areas near Kerbs and foot paths with a ‘ Whacker Plate ‘ again from your local tool hire.

5. As the bags are delivered in the big white jumbo or bulk bags you can also hire a teleporter ( JCB etc ) to lift the bags, cut the bottom with a Stanley knife ( be careful! ) and spread the contents approximately 30m2 per bulk bag 25mm or 1 inch depth.

6. Duration for spreading etc and cost.
The equipment should be hired for 8 hours. Allow for 2 Labour units one on the teleporter and the other with a shovel and rake etc.

The result will be a beautiful golden gravel driveway from www.wesellstone.com

The Tipperary Sandstone Driveway 14mm Gravel or chipping is Irelands biggest selling decorative gravel or aggregate. Its responsible for brightening up our homes particularly the driveways, pathways and flowerbed areas. The colour is best described as a golden or biscuit type and it has a beautiful crunchy feel to it when you walk on it.

The sooner people realize that concrete pavers are not practical in this country the better, Why? We get some of the highest rainfall and the dyes that are added for artificial colour will eventually run out and look so tacky. The water has no where to go when we get a down pour. Our planners should insist on people using charming and practical products such as the Tipperary Gravel. Here are some advantages!

Heavy rainfall can seep down through the gravel avoiding “run off”.
Tipperary Gravel cheers us up and brightens our day as it looks so well !
It blends with both modern and old homes and buildings.
Its good value for money etc……