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Lacken Stone from Mayo Building & Walling Cornerstone

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max 225mm x twice the height in length
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The Lacken Stone building & walling stone supplied by www.wesellstone.com is of a high quality and unique character. It is quarried in the northerly tip of Mayo near the village of Killala. Lacken Beach is on the coast and on a fine day you can see up to Sligo!

Enough Geoghraphy, lets talk about the stone! Lacken Stone is a sandstone. It is primarily a biscuit coloured stone with a grey vein running through it. It is a very hard stone and stone masons like it as it is easy to shape.

The Lacken Stone is nice with cream or off white windows. The brown and grey stone is a nice contrast to the cream or white. During the celtic tiger period, people built cream stone clad homes with cream windows and finished the interior floors with cream marble ( or Crema Marfil ). This combination soon dated and we have learnt that a subtle balance and mix of colour looks better long term and in plain speak is more " old money " than noveaux riche "!