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Kinsale Pebble Driveway Holding Dust

Code: KP004

- 5mm
Bulk Bag
Approximate Cover:

€125.00 + VAT Each

The Kinsale Pebble holding dust does as the name suggests! It has two main functions

1. To hide and cover the sub base material, sometimes known as 804 that most driveways are made from.
2. It forms a bed of approx. 25mm or 1 inch to allow a bed for the Kinsale Pebble which is spread 25mm or 1 inch on top to be compacted down into it. This allows homeowners to walk, cycle or drive on your Kinsale Pebble driveway without sinking, spinning or moving underneath.

The 3 steps to form a Kinsale Pebble Driveway or footpath!

1. Spread the Kinsale Pebble Holding Dust from your bulk bag supplied by www.wesellstone.com at 25mm or 1 inch deep over an area of approx. 24m2.
2. Spread the Kinsale Driveway or Footpath Gravel / Pebble at 25mm or 1 inch deep on top of the Kinsale Pebble Holding Dust, again covering an area of approx. 24m2.
3. Compact or Roll the Kinsale Driveway or Pathway Pebble down into the Kinsale Pebble Holding Dust using a vibrating roller, which you can hire from your local tool hire depot!
The result should be a tidy, compact surface, allowing you to walk , cycle or drive on top of it without movement. However it still allows for drainage after heavy rain etc. unlike tar or cobble lock driveways!