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Kinsale Pebble Mulch

Code: KP002

Bulk Bag
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€125.00 + VAT Each

The Kinsale Flowerbed Pebble is an ideal mulch for your garden. The lovely round pebble is a mix of grey, biscuit and blue stones. They are the ideal choice for a mature garden especially combined with a Granite or Sandstone driveway. We recommend that you use a combination of different gravels for both purposes. For example, if you use a biscuit coloured gravel such as " Irish Georgian Driveway Granite Pebble " or Tipperary Sandstone Driveway Gravel on your driveway, it would be over the top to use the same gravel as a mulch on your flowerbeds.
The " Kinsale Flowerbed Pebble Mulch " is normally a size bigger when used in flowerbeds. We recommend 20mm in flowerbeds, 14mm in driveways and 10mm in Pathways. The larger size 20mm , has less small particles mixed through it hence not allowing weed seeds to germinate as the seed falls through. We also recommend that you use " Weed Membrane " or " Mypex " under the " Kinsale Flowerbed Pebble Mulch " to stop weed growth, however it is permeable and let's the water down through it which is essential for your shrubs or trees planted in the flowerbeds.
The bulk bag of Kinsale Flowerbed Pebble Mulch will cover a Flowerbed of approx. 12 m2 or 120 sq, ft. @ 50mm or 2" deep.