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Kilkenny Blue Limestone Building and Walling Cornerstones

Code: KLB001

max 225mm x twice the height in length
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€156.99 + VAT Each

The Kilkenny Blue limestone building & walling stone quarried by www.wesellstone.com is renowned worldwide for its quality. The stone as the name suggests is a blue colour with little quartz sparkles that are evident with a bit of sunshine. Unlike other limestone building & walling stone from www.wesellstone.com, the Kilkenny limestone building & walling stone is sawn from the quarry face, hence the edges have sawn edges with a light chisel mark from our stone cutters who split it with " tungsten chisels " into random sizes ideal for
facing your home or garden wall.

The Kilkenny Limestone building & walling stone with its clean cut lines is ideal for use on " contemporary homes " and looks great with black windows and light coloured render