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Kenmare Green Driveway Holding Dust

Code: KGP003

- 5mm
Bulk Bag
Approximate Cover:

€124.99 + VAT Each

The Kenmare Green Driveway Pebble Holding Dust, stops the Kenmare Driveway Or Pathway Pebble from moving.
Basically you apply it 50/50 between the holding dust & the driveway or pathway pebble.

There are 3 steps

Step 1. Spread the Kenmare Green Driveway Holding Dust 25mm or 1" deep over approx. 24m2 from the www.wesellstone.com bulk bag.
Step 2. Spread the Kenmare Driveway or Pathway Gravel 25mm or 1" deep on top of the holding dust, again covering approx. 24m2.
Step 3. Compact it with a vibrating roller.