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Old White Galway Limestone Building Stone Random Rubble

Code: GLB002

max 225mm x twice the height in length
Bulk Bag
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€156.99 + VAT Each

The Old White Galway Limestone Random Rubble Building Stone is the beautiful stone you see of the N17 driving to Galway " stone walls and the grass is green" to quote the famous Galwegian
Band " The Sawdoctors ".

What makes it so special?

No1. It has great character, it gets its name " White Limestone " from its rugged look. It comes from boulders , hence you have the natural cleft or exterior stone from the boulder , giving the stone it's whitish look. Unlike Kilkenny limestone which is sawn out of the cliff face by giant saws and you get a plain blue limestone smooth finish with little character. One could chisel the blue Kilkenny Limestone , however it still remains blue!
No.2 . We split the back off the stone to around 125mm +. This allows our savvy customers to enjoy the beautiful natural shapes of the stone without the inconvenience of trying to chisel the stone on site.
No.3 . The stone is stacked neatly in bulk bags allowing our customers to have the minimum waste and it is easy to use on site. You can combine the Old White Galway Limestone random rubble building stone with Old White Limestone Cornerstones on the reveals of buildings or in entrance piers.

Good examples of the Old White Limestone Random Rubble Building Stone from www.wesellstone.com are

1. The Village at Lyons, Newcastle, Co. Dublin.
2. Coolmore Stud, Fethard, Co, Tipperary etc