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Irish Georgian Granite Driveway Holding Dust

Code: GG003

- 5mm
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€124.99 + VAT Each

The Irish Georgian Granite Driveway Holding Dust is essential if you are building a gravel driveway

Why ?

Traditionally in Ireland when we considered a gravel driveway, we just ordered " decorative chippings, gravel or pebble " from our local hardware or quarry and spread them on the sub base or "804" base approximately 2" or 50 mm deep. Initially , everything seems fine until you start driving, cycling or pushing children's buggies on the gravel. Oops, you realise the gravel moves all over the place, becomes difficult to walk, cycle or drive on and you also start to notice black patches appearing due to the movement of gravel. Don't worry there is a simple 3 step solution!