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Irish Granite Boulder - Single

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Price based on boulders on 1m x 0.5m x 0.5m
Per Boulders
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€124.99 + VAT Each

The " Irish Glacier Granite Boulders " from www.wesellstone.com are unique in the Irish Market.

They are reclaimed from farmland , unlike quarry boulders that are cut or chopped from a rock face, hence the sharp , straight edges.

" Irish Glacier Granite Boulders " have lovely round edges and are particularly suitable for public areas such as town parks, schools, hospitals , leisure centres etc.

They vary in size, however we have supplied " Irish Glacier Granite Boulders " approx. 1m long x 0.5m high to projects like
Beaumount Hospital, Dublin.
St Brids School, Knocklyon, Dublin.
Dungarvan Town Council, Co, Waterford.
Nenagh Leisure Centre & Park, Co Tipperary.

Packaging : we can fit approx, 27 no Irish Glacier Granite Boulders on a 40 ft trailer or 1 boulder per pallet.