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Silver Granite Paving Stone

Code: G603

Patio Pack A : ( smaller pack : 3 sizes / 10 m2 ). This crate contains 16 no 600mmx600mm, 16 no 600mm x 290mm, 16 no 300mm x 290mm. There is approx. 10 m2 of paving stone in Patio Pack A ( approx. 12 y2 ).
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€399.00 + VAT Each

The Silver Granite Paving Stone is a versatile & durable solution to any patio area, courtyard or footpath. The Silver Granite Paving Stone has a bush hammered finish to provide the perfect non slip surface. It is calibrated to 30mm. This speeds up the application of the paving stone, hence reducing the labour cost! We Sell Stone .com supplies The Silver Granite Paving Stone in Patio Packs. The Patio Packs allow the customer to lay a variety of sizes ( 3 sizes ) in order to stagger the joints and make the patio more interesting and attractive. The Silver Granite Paving Stone is a light grey colour with a distinct quartz and black speckle. It is suitable for both private and commercial use and is at home in both a modern or classic garden. In stock at the moment we have 600mm x 300mm and 600mm x 600mm.