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Donegal Cream Dry Wall Building and Walling Cornerstones

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max 225mm x twice the height in length
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The Donegal Cream Sandstone Building & Walling Stone is Ireland's equivalent to "England's Famous Cotswold Limestone building & walling stone " The winning garden in the " Chelsea Flower Show 2012 " used this type of stone in the piers etc . Clive West was the garden designer .The build was in a dry finish , with the cream stone chiseled into smaller elongated pieces. This is exactly what we have done with this beautiful " Donegal Cream Building & Walling stone making it the no. 1 choice for " dry stone walling " in particular.

We prepare the " Donegal Cream Sandstone " in the following mixes:

1. The majority of the Donegal cream building & walling is split with tungsten chisels by our skilled craftsmen into elongated stone approx, 2", 3" & 4" high. ( 50mm, 75mm & 100mm ). The stone has a depth of 4" to 5" (100mm to 125mm).
2. To compliment the elongated or rectangular shape stone , we have bags of levellers or shims. In plain English they are 1" thick + or - ( 25mm ). There purpose is to add variety to the wall and serve as "packers" in a drystone wall. Remember the purpose of no. 1 & no.2 is to give character to the main part of the wall, house facade or fireplace.
3. The last and final ingredient are the stones which are cut on all sides. These are used at the corners of a building, the end of a wall or around the edge of windows and doors. You would never build a full wall, pier or fireplace or house front from 100% of these stones as it would look like "Lego" or brick.

When the 3 elements are combined together you get the perfect balance.

A typical order or batch would consist of approx. 50% of no.1 ( the rectangular shapes with natural ends and straight bottoms & tops.)

10% of no.2 which are the levellers, shims or packers & the balance in no.3 Cornerstones for the ends of Walls, house elevations, fireplaces etc.