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Daylesford Paving Stone ( Pack B )

Code: DP002

Patio Pack B : ( larger pack : 4 sizes / 15m2 ). This crate contains 13 no 600mm x 900mm, 13 no 600mm x 600mm, 13 no 600mm x 290mm, 9 no 300mm x 290mm. There is approx 15 m2 of pavingstone in the patio pack B ( approx. 18 y2 ).
Approximate Cover:

€488.00 + VAT Each

The Daylesford Paving is a gem that we discovered in the UK. It was in Daylesford Farm, a beautiful farm shop. In the " Cotswolds " where the locals including Kate Moss, Damien Hirst, Jeremy Clarkson and Kate Winslet etc do their shopping for local organic produce.
We really loved the way the Daylesford Paving combined with the golden gravel, minature box hedge and Cotswold building stone which is similar to our Tipperary sandstone building stone.