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Doolin Grey Limestone Paving Stone ( Pack A )

Code: DGP001

Patio Pack A : ( smaller pack : 3 sizes / 10 m2 ). This crate contains 16 no 600mmx600mm, 16 no 600mm x 290mm, 16 no 300mm x 290mm. There is approx. 10 m2 of paving stone in Patio Pack A ( approx. 12 y2 ).
Approximate Cover:

€330.00 + VAT Each

The Doolin Grey limestone Paving Stone is the ideal choice for a customer who wants a subtle grey light textured paving stone pati , courtyard or footpath.

It is a sedimentary rock, hence the surface is not slippy and is good with garden furniture etc.
The Doolin Grey Limestone Paving Stone is between 25mm and 35mm thick. One can lay them as you take them from the crate as they are fairly consistent. Birr Castle Cafe in the courtyard in Birr Castle, Birr, Co. Offaly has Doolin Grey Limestone Paving Stone in front of it for the last ten years. Why not visit Birr Castle, check out the beautiful stone and visit the beautiful gardens etc whilst there?