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Connemara Pink Granite Driveway Holding Dust

Code: CG003

- 5mm
Bulk Bag
Approximate Cover:

€124.99 + VAT Each

Are you looking for something different for your driveway? If you are, this is the stone for you.
The Connemara Pink Granite Driveway Gravel holding dust is essential under the Connemara Pink Granite pathway & driveway gravel. It simply holds it in place and stops it moving under your feet or tyres.
How to use it?

Step 1. Spread the Connemara Pink Granite Holding dust from the www.wesellstone.com bulk bag over an area of approx. 24m2 , 25mm deep or 1".
Step 2. Spread the Connemara Pink Granite Pathway or Driveway Gravel also 25mm or 1" deep over the holding dust.
Step 3. Compact it using a vibrating roller.