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Autumn Mix Driveway Holding Dust

Code: AG004

- 5mm
Bulk Bag
Approximate Cover:

€125.00 + VAT Each

The Autumn Mix Driveway Holding Dust is essential under Autumn Mix Gravel Pathways & Driveways.
Why ?
It holds the Autumn Mix Gravel and stops it from moving under your feet and tyres.
How ?
1. Spread the Autumn Mix Holding Dust 25mm deep on your driveways surface. A bag of Autumn Mix Holding Dust purchased from www.wesellstone.com will cover approx. 24m2 at 25mm or 1 inch thick.
2. Spread the Autumn Mix Pathway or Driveway Gravel 25mm deep ( one inch ), on top of the Autumn Mix Driveway Holding Dust.
3. Compact it using a vibrating roller, hired from your local hire depot.