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Autumn Mix Driveway Gravel

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www.wesellstone.com has been selling the Autumn Mix Driveway Gravel 14mm for the last 14 years. As the name suggests its a beautiful mix of autumn colours. Wine, grey, blue & brown pebble to mention a few of the delightful colours from good old Mother Nature.

In Ireland, with pebbles wet 60% of the time ( its a fact ! ), we need some warm colours to cheer us up!

Some useful tips.
1. Use the Autumn Mix Driveway Pebble with Autumn Mix Driveway Holding Dust. 25mm of Autumn Mix Holding Dust on the bottom 25mm ( 1 inch deep ).
2. Spread 25mm deep of Autumn Mix Driveway Pebble on top of the holding dust.
3. Compact it using a vibrating roller or compacter hired from your local tool hire depot!