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The advantages of Thin Natural Random Rubble Cladding Stone approximately 40mm over traditional natural stone cladding (200mm)

Let’s thank our creative friends in Italy for the recent progress in producing the best quality stone cladding possibly available in the world today.

Italy is renowned for its quality in producing the best quality natural stone products for generations and we have been very fortunate to become the exclusive distributor for Leatherstone in Ireland and the UK.

Here are a few advantages of our natural stone (thin) cladding over conventional building or walling stone:

  1. It lets more light into the building.
  2. It is less weight on the building / foundations etc.
  3. Corners are placed in position first.
  4. In City Builds , One pallet of Cladding is able to cover the same area as 10 pallets of conventional building stone. There simply isn’t room on sites for this type of congestion.
  5. There are less handling charges and transport charges.
  6. In Interior Projects, it brings light into spaces and leaves more space for movement and furniture.