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David Kinsella , Natural Stone Expert in www.wesellstone.com gives some practical tips on the best choice of decorative gravels and the best way to lay them.

Ireland’s finest homes have decorative gravel driveways and the decorative gravel compliments the main garden and house. Tarmac and concrete products are also used however mainly in a commercial capacity around nursing homes, retail outlets etc.

The main challenges with decorative gravel products in the past on driveways are

  1. The gravel moving under your feet, tyres etc and getting stuck in shoes and damaging internal floors.
  2. The purchase of ‘ soft gravels ‘ that disintegrate within 6 months of use.
www.wesellstone.com have a solution!

Just follow our proven 3 step process to avoid the above challenges.

Step 1:

www.wesellstone.com recommend that you spread our ‘ Driveway Holding Dust Products ‘ approximately 25mm or 1 inch deep over your existing driveway. The ‘ Driveway Holding Dust ‘ is a mix of finely crushed binding dust in the same color as the decorative gravel mixed with 10mm serrated chipping to aid binding particularly suitable to the damp Irish climate. Once the ‘ Driveway Holding Dust ‘ is spread over the driveway do not compact or roll it for the best results.

Step 2:

www.wesellstone.com recommend that you spread your preferred ‘ decorative gravel ‘ product over the ‘ Driveway Holding Dust ‘ . We recommend you spread it approximately 25mm deep or 1” depth on top of the ‘ Driveway Holding Dust ‘.
Now you have approximately 50mm of materials combined on your driveway.

Please note each bulk bag from www.wesellstone.com will cover an area of 24m2 or 240 Ft2 at 1 inch or 25mm depth. Hence a driveway for example which is approximately 240m2 in area would require 10 bulk bags of Driveway Holding Dust and 10 bulk bags of your chosen decorative gravel such as
Tipperary Golden Driveway Gravel
Irish Georgian Granite Driveway Gravel
Wexford Driveway Gravel
Kinsale Driveway Gravel
Kilkenny Black Limestone Gravel
and many more...

Step 3:

We recommend you hire a 1.5 ton Compacting Roller and roll the decorative gravel down into the Driveway Holding Dust. The 50mm of combined material will be rolled down to a firm, compact surface of approximately 30mm.

This is the ‘ secret sauce ‘ that’s stops the gravel moving under cars, bicycles, shoes etc. To avoid the selection of a soft stone that will turn to dust only purchase recommended hard quality decorative driveway gravel options from the www.wesellstone.com website that are tried and tested successfully in some of the finest homes in Ireland and the UK !

If you have any further queries don’t hesitate to contact us in www.wesellstone.com

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