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Donegal Sandstone Building Stone - Interior WallDublin Limestone Building Stone Tipperary Sandstone Building Stone Bloom 2014
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Tipperary Sandstone Building Stone Bloom Gold Medal Winner 2014
In 2014 we have a larger choice of quality salvage and quarried stone products for around your home.

We have a full range of Old  Irish Salvage / Reclaimed Cobblestones, Kerbstones and building stones in stock for 2014!
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For a fresh look and less maintenance in 2014, why not freshen up your driveway and flower beds with our wide range of decorative gravels and pebbles.
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We Sell Sandstone Building Stone - Walling Stone     need a Stonemason

We Sell Old, Salvage, Reclaimed Irish Building Stone     We Sell Flowerbed Gravel, We Sell Driveway Gravel

We Sell Old, Salvage, Reclaimed Irish Kerb Stone      We Sell Limestone Building Stone

Ireland's Building Stone Expert, Collection 2013    - stone walling, stone cladding, stone fireplaces, cornerstones, entrance stone etc ( Granite, sandstone & limestone etc ).     We Sell Solid Fuel - Firewood and Dry Turf - Top quality fuel

Brick and Stone Frieplaces, Sandstone, stove, Limestone, Salvage, Victorian, Recycled, Reclaimed, Belfast Brick: Ireland's Self Build & Renovation Centre     We Sell Old, Salvage or Reclaimed Sandstone Irish Cobblestone

Ridan Food Waste Composter: Recycling, Compost, Ireland 's Self build & Renovation Centre      My Foodwaste composter; Domestic use; Ireland's Recycling Centre in Ireland's Self Build & Renovation Centre

We Sell Irish Fieldstone Building & Walling Stone      Paving Stone Ireland's Self Build and Renovation Centre

We Sell Granite Building Stone      Light Weight Building Stone, Stone Veneer, Stick on Stone, Stone Panel, Cupa Piedras

Old Brown Salvage / Reclaimed Irish Troughs & Waterfeatures